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Wild Ramps: A spring superfood!


(Before you read any further, PLEASE remember to forage and harvest responsibly and sustainably!)

Mother Nature.

She is very smart, and you’d be wise to follow her path as she truly knows all. Spring leeks (or ramps as you may know them) are carpeting the forest right now. They are one of the first wild foods to pop up in the spring and are amazing in many ways. However, what I think is quite amazing is the connection between ramps and spring allergies. You heard me right!

Ramps are loaded with Quercetin, a phytonutrient that helps inhibit histamine release, which is often the trigger for seasonal allergy and hay fever symptoms. Whaaaat??? I think it is no coincidence that spring allergies and ramps happen at the same time. I will say it again, Mother Nature knows all, we just have to listen our mother.

As I mentioned, please please please be a responsible picker! You can learn more here about these amazing little plants:

My backyard :)

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