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The Nourish & Thrive Formula


The Nourish & Thrive Formula is a 12-week online program designed by Holistic Nutritionist, Jodi Forestell CHN, NNCP. After noticing she was not feeling like herself and had symptoms of fatigue, low energy and sudden anxiety, she wanted to nourish and heal herself without the need for pharmaceutical medications. This is how the Nourish & Thrive Formula came to be. Everything in this program is what Jodi did personally to find her energetic, calm and happy self again. The drive to create this program comes from wanting to help and support others holistically so they too can feel vibrant, energetic and like themselves again. WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO GET A step-by-step method with weekly lessons and action tasks to help alleviate your symptoms to help you take control of your health again. Use this method to make simple, sustainable lifestyle changes that will give you big results so you can have more energy and start feeling like yourself again. Each module has Jodi teaching you how to implement gentle and holistic practices around the 4 PILLARS of HEALTH: Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, and Exercise. Gut health, immune health and detoxification lessons and protocols are also included. There are delicious and simple recipes so you always know what to eat which will be invaluable in creating sustainable nutrition habits. From meal planning, to food choices and recipes to follow so you can achieve optimal energy to last the whole day and support your whole health. You never have to feel like you are going through this alone as Jodi is always available for feedback and support. Come learn how to Nourish yourself so you can Thrive!

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