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Why I Choose Juice Plus as a Nutritionist

I get asked often about supplements and what's best. It's a tough and loaded question and one I am really hesitant to answer. Mostly because there are a lot of 'health' products out there that are just not what they say there are.

So I had boxes that needed to be checked.

If I was going to attach my name and reputation to a product line, I needed to have certain things guaranteed in the products I would align with. And it's taken me some time to find the right company and products that I felt confident aligning with.

The Boxes I needed checked (these should be yours too!)

-Clean (third party testing that the products contained no contaminates) -Natural (natural ingredients our body would recognize and easily absorbed) -Safe (no contraindications with medications or medical treatments) -Safe for the entire family (no toxicity concerns if over-consumed) -Proven (double blind, placebo controlled studies proving benefits in humans with use)

The Juice Plus+ Company was the only company that I have found that checked all of these boxes for me and is why I will proudly recommend them to all of my clients and colleagues.

The products are made from 100% concentrated whole food ingredients. They are NSF and Health Canada tested. These products pose no risk with medication or with over consumption. In fact the more you take, the more nutritional benefits you can experience.

And for me the biggest of them all is the Juice Plus+ products have been featured for their Gold Standard Research in more than 41 clinical publications in the worlds top medical and clinical journals. (You can't buy your way into these journals).

If you would like to schedule a complimentary time to find out what products are the right fit for you and your health goals....send me a PM

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