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Hi there, I'm Jodi!


My passion for becoming a holistic nutritionist started with my own health journey. As I inched towards my 50th birthday, something had shifted within me and I couldn't put my finger on what it was. I only knew that I wasn't feeling healthy or like myself. I didn't like it, I had enough and I was ready for a change.

In society today, feeling unwell has become normalized. We get used to being fatigued, stressed, and irritable. We tell ourselves that hormonal imbalances, sleep issues, brain fog, and weight gain are 'normal' and happen with age.

I am here to tell you that this is NOT normal. My goal is to empower those who want to achieve optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle and live their best life.

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Blood Sugar & Hormone Balancing Recipe Book

A simple and delicious blood sugar & hormone balancing recipe guide.

This e-book contains 40 recipes to cover your your needs from breakfast through dinner and were created with four key considerations:

✓ Low glycemic foods to help balance insulin levels.

✓ High fiber to improve blood glucose control, and support weight loss.

✓ Healthy fats to reduce inflammation, and improve immune function.

✓ Protein to help stabilize blood sugars and slow down glucose absorption.

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